Learning Resource Management and Development Center

The Philippines Department of Education (DepEd) has embarked on a major plan to raise the overall quality and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of basic education through the K to 12 Basic Education Program (K-12) as described in the Philippines Development Plan 2011-2016, the Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda (BESRA) and as part of its commitment to achieve the MDG/EFA goals.
The Aquino government, which assumed office in June 2010, put in place the 10-Point Education Plan, to fast track progress towards achievement of the Millennium Development and Education For All goals. As of school year (SY) 2012, the Department of Education (DepEd) is introducing the new K to 12 curriculum; commencing with Kindergarten in SY 2011-12, Grade 1 and Grade 7 in SY2012-13, with Grade 2 and Grade 8 to follow in 2013-14 and so on to SY 2017-18.
To meet the demands of the new curriculum and the increased enrollments in urban, regional and remote schools, the DepEd is implementing a range of initiatives to bring educational resources and services closer to learners nationally. The Learning Resources Management and Development System (LRMDS) developed with the assistance of the Australian Government (AusAID) under the STRIVE program is one such initiative. AusAID is continuing to assist the DepEd to implement the systems nationally by providing technical assistance to DepEd to enhance the LRMDS system and to build capacity for national rollout. The national rollout is defined by the issuance of DepEd Order 76, s. 2011. The DepEd through the LRMDS is seeking to exploit as best possible ICT to increase the level of quality, relevance, reach and access to education by all.
As part of this system the DepEd is digitizing all existing DepEd-developed K to 12 teaching and learning materials, developing new digital, interactive and print-based materials aligned to the new curriculum and negotiating new partnerships and agreements with national and international government and cultural organizations, institutions, NGOs and publishers to distribute via the LRMDS repository teaching and learning resources to all DepEd regions, divisions, schools and learning centers.

Program planning
The Central office through the IMCS and supported by the AusAID SPHERE fund, intends to orient all Regions, Divisions and schools/Community Learning Cernters(CLCs) nationally on:

  • Learning Resources Management and Development System Implementation plan
  • Accessing and using the LRMDS portal (http://lrmds.deped.gov.ph)
  • Processes for the establishment of LRMD Centers



Vision, Goal, and Objectives


A dynamic and fully functional DepEd learning resource management and development system to support Basic Education.


To provide access to a rich collection of quality learning resources in various formats to support different modes of teaching, learning and professional development for all learners.


  • To provide a repository of quality learning resources in various types and formats to support teaching and learning.
  • To serve as a platform of support for educators to analyse teaching and learning needs and to design and develop high quality teaching and learning resources in response to the identified needs.
  • To promote a culture of collaboration and sharing of knowledge, skills & expertise among teachers and other education stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement of the learning resource management and development system (LRMDS).
  • To implement decentralized quality assurance processes to ensure conformance and compliance to agreed standards.
  • To conduct research on the design, development, distribution and utilization of different types of learning resources to improve system processes.
  • To ensure adequate human, financial, technological and physical resources for the sustained implementation and operation of the system


Organizational Chart