Information Technology Office

Information technology









Vision, Mission, and Core Values


Department of Education as a Quality and Modernized ICT-equipped institution that provides quality IT solutions and assistance to its clients to furtherly attain the visions and missions of the Department of Education.>


To provide updated and state-of-the-art IT solutions and assistance to the district, division, schools and training centers to improve the quality of education and ICT service delivery to the client.   


  • Managed Systems and infrastructure of the ICT
  • Properly delivered and implemented projects and programs of the ICT
  • Collaborated to other agencies to build partnerships to maintain the quality of the ICT of both parties
  • Well implemented ICT policies and standards to provide consistent service delivery
  • Fully operational, fast, and quality ICT integration of each schools and training centers by providing technical assistance in Information Technology.
  • Properly addressed findings and recommendations to improve the ICT of the institution and other service delivering agencies under the Department of Education



Organizational Chart